Hire our Ruby or Rails experts

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and beyond... High quality software consulting firm specializes in the desing, development, deployment and maintenance of dynamic application and web services.

Depending on the business requirements of the client, we build tailored web application using a full-fledged frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or lighter frameworks, such as Sinatra, Grape, or similar ruby based frameworks. We favor PostgreSQL fora backend database for new applications but have extensive experience in working with MySQL, MS-SQL or NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB).

The size of the project determines the architecture of the application where, for medium and large projects, a set of microservices working in concert are built in order to deliver a smooth experience to the user. A micorservices architecture dedicates each service to a set of known tasks with clear interfaces which yields simpler dependency within the code base which results in an easier ability to make targetted modifications to code without affecting the entire fabric of the application.

Starting from the first phases of the development process, we setup dedicated staging and production servers for code deployment in order to facilitate the feedback cycle with the customer. Our DevOps specialize in building scalable infrastructurs in AWS, Heroku or Google Cloud.